Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium is located at Buggiba, beside the sea. It’s surrounded by beautiful scenery, worth to walk there beside the sea from the center of Buggiba, although the Aquarium itself is a bit small. We walked it around within an hour and saw everything. It’s nice, but small. We thought – because it’s beside the sea – that it will be some huge thing for us, but if you have been in any aquarium, then it won’t give you much experience. Even with slow walking speed and stops to check out the fishes it’s really an hour. Maybe two hour with kids.

In the building of the Malta National Aquarium you can find a restaurant and a gift shop. When you are coming out from the aquarium you will be directed to the gift shop (it’s the exit point). There are nice things if you would like to buy some gift. They are not too expensive, but not cheap either.

The most interesting part was the glass tunnel, where small sharks and skates swam above us. We made a short video about it:

And few more pictures to see